HVAC Repair in Kingwood

Are you a homeowner who has a HVAC system? If you are answering yes, then we recommend that you think about getting your HVAC system checked out every six months. You are probably wondering why so many checks are necessary, and we can explain. If you are serious about ensuring that your HVAC system will always run in the ideal way, you are going to want to ensure that it is being maintained in the right way. If these systems are not properly cleaned and maintained, they can easily start to become inefficient, and that is not good.

While most people do not have an issue paying for Ac repair kingwood, they do feel as though maintenance is not worth the money. And if you have the same opinion, we hope that we can change your mind. What we want you to understand is that when your HVAC system is first installed, it is at 95 or 100 percent efficiency. That means a lower amount of energy is being used when you want to get your home to a certain temperature. Whether it is the AC or heat mode, it is a lower cost that you are seeing on your energy bills.

Now let us say that two years have passed, and you never got your system checked out. The only time someone looked at it was during the installation two years ago. We would say your system is probably at 60 percent efficiency, and that is if you are lucky. That means you could be using 30 percent MORE energy than you were before, to get to the same temperatures. So if you are seeing your electric bills and they are significantly higher than before, it is not just the cost per unit. You are using more electricity, as you have an inefficient HVAC system.