Organic furniture: why it´s worth it

Organic furniture. Have you ever heard of it? It’s nothing strange. Organic furniture are pieces that are made without chemicals that could be residual, and the products made to create them (like woods, etc) were grown without pesticides, hormones or chemicals. There are several places to find organic, natural furniture portland.

But, what we really want to talk about today is why you should go organic. Maybe it doesn´t seem to make much of a difference, but the truth is that it does.

First off, natural furniture is biodegradable. It’s not toxic, and can, with a little time, break down without harming nature at all. Other furniture usually is treated with different solutions and materials that are harmful for nature. Colorings, glues, and more can contaminate the dirt. You will leave a much smaller footprint when purchasing organic pieces.

Second, they can be used in any sort of home or with any design. You can find them in cabins, or even en billionaire mansions. Fresh, natural wood colors can be combined with anything.

Third, by buying organic furniture, you are helping out small businesses in your area. Most large manufacturers don’t create natural furniture. So, you will be helping out a local family!

When searching for organic and natural furniture, look for solid wood, and stay away from manufactured wood pieces that smell strange, or that are composed of several pieces or scraps of wood.

Most of the time, you’ll be safe with metal and glass furniture, as they don´t normally contain toxic substances.

Stay away from artificial leather, though, as it is usually treated with tons of chemicals!

Most of the time, if the furniture has material or is upholstered, you can see if it mentions being organic on its tag.

And, remember, that as you shop organic and natural, you´re helping to have a better home and world.